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PTKD Summer Camp

Our TaKwonDo camp is a great place for kids to stay and get fit during the summer months! At our training camp your child will have fun, make new friends and build skills that will last a lifetime! As part of the curriculum martial arts training is the major focus. Each day will consist of stretching, warm ups, strength drills and TaeKwon do training. In our TaeKwonDo Camp program, we focus on having fun! Children are given the opportunity to participate in a variety of exciting outdoor and indoor summer activities including Tae Kwon Do. In addition, to being fun, our TaeKwonDo Camp program helps develop physical agility, endurance and flexibility in a way that your child’s aptitude in other activities and sports are also enhanced. Our primary teaching tool is positive reinforcement; we help children develop leadership skills, self-confidence, and respect for themselves and others in an entertaining and active setting. Most importantly, we believe that participants will learn the many valuable lessons of Tae Kwon Do while having a great time. We look forward to having your child join us at Professional Tae Kwon Do!

Practicing martial arts at Professional Taekwondo School in New York City, NY is about physical fitness, character development (self-esteem, self confidence, focus and concentration, self discipline) and self defense, not just kicking and punching.

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